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Below is a collection of testimonials and other various news items from the company. 

New City Homes Proud to Announce Once Again Ranked Top 20 in Columbus Business First's Busiest Central Ohio Home Builders


We are happy to announce that for another year New City Homes was one of the top 20 home builders in Central Ohio! Thanks to Columbus Business First for compiling the annual list. 

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New City Homes Ranked Top 20 in Columbus Business First's Busiest Central Ohio Home Builders

We are happy to announce that New City Homes was one of the top 20 home builders in Central Ohio! Thanks to Columbus Business First for compiling the annual list. Finishing 2020 as the 17th busiest Central Ohio home builder had us ready for a strong start to 2021, and we are excited to continue growing while providing desirable housing options for Central Ohio homebuyers. 

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40 Under 40 Awards Ceremony presented by Bizjournals

Today (May 28th, 2021), Bizjournals announced its 40 honorees that were awarded the 40 Under 40 achievement for their extraordinary hard work and dedication to their careers,  as well as their community efforts and impact. Chris Knoppe, New City Homes partner, was honored as one of the awarded individuals. Below is the publication that shares each of the 40 honorees stories, and provides some context to how they earn their spot on Bizjournals; 40 Under 40.

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Detailed profiled (K-P)

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Featured Home in 2021 Urban Living Tour presented by - Sunday, May 2nd, 2021

We’re excited to be a part of the 2021 Urban Living Tour organized by Join the tour and come see us at our new builds in the Milo-Grogan neighborhood, immediately East of the Short North Arts District and Italian Village.


We have several homes under construction and it's sure to be a fun day!

Here’s the Columbus Underground announcement link to this year’s tour:


Our Featured property:

Featured Home in 2020 Urban Living Tour presented by Columbus Underground - Aug. 30th, 2020 

Our newly built house on East 2nd Ave (one of the five houses in a row that we have built this year on East 2nd Ave) in the Milo-Grogan neighborhood was featured as stop on this year’s Urban Living Tour, which showcases new developments throughout downtown and the surrounding urban neighborhoods.


Here’s the Columbus Underground announcement link to this year’s tour:


Our Featured property:

Featured article in Columbus Underground

Mar. 10, 2020 - New Single Family Homes Planned for Milo-Grogan

New City Homes was recently featured in an exclusive article for Columbus Underground for our 5-home streetscape happening in Milo-Grogan! We've completed two homes so far elsewhere in the neighborhood and plan to develop the remaining lots incrementally over the next two years or so. Half of the parcels that we own were purchased from the Columbus Land Bank, which allowed us to offer the initial houses at a lower price than otherwise possible for new construction.

Not to mention, we also added the 15-year tax abatement that was put in place for Milo-Grogan in 2017, which will help to lower costs for the homeowners. Check out the article, sketchings and some of the progress updates below!

New City Homes March 2020 8.5x11.jpg

Two Homes Featured in 2019 Urban Living Tour presented by Columbus Underground - May 19th, 2019 

Two of our newly built homes that are side by side on East Rich Street in the Olde Towne East neighborhood were featured in the 2019 Urban Living Tour presented by Columbus Underground, which showcases new developments throughout downtown and the surrounding urban neighborhoods.

Here’s the Columbus Underground announcement link to 2019's tour:


Pictures can be found here:

2018 Home Buying Seminar


A BIG "Thank You" to all of our customers

and guest speakers that attended!

Columbus Homes


Ryan Schneider

I recently purchased one of their new build homes in OTE. Throughout the buying process they were great to work with. Since we have moved in, we had one issue that got immediately resolved. They have been very responsive to any questions we have had since moving in. Overall very happy with our decision. (5-star Google Review)

Dylan Withrow

I see their focus on making the homes standout, in a positive way. It’s truly remarkable how they can take an old home (that needs some love) and turn it back into something beautiful. As I take a gander online and take a stroll to the properties, the work speaks for itself. I’ve always said a home is like a piece of art. I say that because art is something special and would want to show off to your family and friends. To me, New City Homes gives you an excellent start to that. Like a blank canvas with plenty of room to make it how you like.

Not to mention, with their support I’ve seen out in the communities. Food Drive donations to our local foodbanks, volunteer work - cleanup days for the communities is some the positive work I’ve noticed. With all that said, I would not think twice to live in one of their homes. To me, if a company can take the time to focus on what matters around them, I wouldn’t see there would be anything negative to their stewardship (5-star Google Review)

Luke Fay & Erika Nites

New City Staff,

We wanted to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for all the hard work and effort you put into our home. We know there is a lot more that happens behind the scenes and are appreciative of all the work you all do. 

Our first home is perfect and we cannot thank you enough.

Luke Fay & Erika Nites

2022-10-04- Erika & Luke.jpg
2022-10-20- Thank You Note.jpg

George Talbert

I purchased a newly built home through New City and I had an amazing experience. I loved all of the upgraded features that you normally don't get with new built homes. And New City paid great attention to detail and was able to answer all of my questions and even customize features to my liking. I highly recommend New City as a builder!

2022-02-02- George Google Review.JPG

Michael and Jordan

Dear Brian and the rest of the New City Family,

We wanted to take a moment and thank you for helping us build our dream house! When we started the process we were newly married and looking for the perfect home to build our life together. It just so happens at the same time you had recently broke ground on a new lot in Milo Grogan. It was a great fit from the beginning of the process and turned in to an unbelievable experience over the course of sevenmonths.

The process started when our realtor, Misty Linn, had suggested we look at your lots in Milo. We were familiar with your homes through our friends purchasing one and you were building right where we wanted to move. It seemed too good to be true and we all know how things like that end.....usually! This was different, the people at New City were different and their commitment to satisfaction and craftsmanship was different. We were amazed with the process from start to finish and couldn’t be happier with our home.
Being that we started the process early, you allowed us to pick out almost all of the interior and exterior finishes. This made the process so special to us, as you were allowing it to be customized to our needs. You were so flexible throughout the process even allowing us to redo the master bedroom closet for a custom built-in closet and add a recessed electric fireplace to the living room. Those little touches meant
a lot to us and made it feel different than most new build homes, our style had been factored into the wonderful structure.
We have heard horror stories with building houses and recently had a friend go through one with a different builder. A builder that didn’t listen, wouldn’t work with them to customize their dream home and didn’t want to involve them in the processes. I can honestly say, that was not our experience with New City and we would recommend them to everyone. Yes building a home is stressful, but I couldn’t think of a better company to put our faith and trust in then Brian and his New City team. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, - Michael & Jordan

Kaden and Abigail

This is a small thank you to you and all your staff for all of the hard work and efforts on our house.  We are very appreciative of the guidance and support along the way.  It is very clear that everyone truly cares about the quality of work done and our experience.  We will continue spreading the word.  Our house is beautiful.  Words just can’t express.  It’s truly a dream come true for us.  Your entire process from start to finish was beyond our expectations.  Everyone who walks into our home is blown away by the craftsmanship and detail.  Every single team member deserves a hug for their supporting role in driving our home to the finish.  Thank you again for our home.

Beth and Amanda

We chose Milo Grogan because it is a small area with so much access to everything! Right around the corner from Italian Village, Cleveland Avenue provides great access to downtown and 5th Avenue gives quick North and south access to 71.  Not to mention the walkability to High Street bars, shops and restaurants!  We feel as though it has a great history of caring residents who want their community to thrive.  We loved the layout of the house we bought.  The tax abatement was a huge draw as that could save upwards of $75,000 over the life of the abatement!  New homes are going up everywhere and others are being renovated.  New City Homes was extremely helpful in the process and you could tell they care about the area’s development, their customers, and the quality of their build was top notch.  Thanks again for helping us find out first home. -Best, Greg and Amanda

Ben And Jill G.

The process for us was very fast, and Brian Knoppe was there when we needed him! In the middle of the school year, we were extremely pressed for time to make a family move. Our family of 5 needed size, and the home had to be near our children’s SWL School district. Yes, we had options, but we had to quickly choose between renting a big apartment, just renting a house, or buying our home from New City Ohio. My wife located the home we needed, and Brian Knoppe, and New City Ohio’s Lease Purchase Program responded to our situation! This awesome home was in our school district and of course just big enough for our family. The New City Ohio’s Lease Purchase Program is a great choice, and I recommend it 100%!!! We are so thankful to Brian and New City Ohio Team!!! 

Jenni & Mark

While we didn’t take advantage of the lease purchase program, we are still very impressed by the helpfulness and honesty from Brian and his team at New City Ohio. By the time we had decided we were ready to be homeowners we had already done some work on our credit, so when we approached Brian about the lease purchase he suggested that we take a look around and see where we were in the process. I drug my feet for a few more months before taking the plunge! We lived in this house for six years before deciding that this was exactly where our family was meant to be. As a first-time home buyer who was already living in the home we were purchasing, Brian was instrumental in explaining to us the process and what to expect. If I had it to do all over again, I would have taken advantage of the lease purchase program many years ago! Thanks to Brian and New City Ohio, we are finally homeowners and better for having experienced it here!

Crystal & Phong